How It Works

First step

You can make contact with me by email or by phone, talk to me about what you might need, and we agree the time of the first appointment. By the time we meet, you would have already successfully dealt with the most anxiety-provoking part of the process: making the decision to get support, taking the risk of talking to someone you have never met about your personal life, and actually walking through the door.

What is next?

First, I will ask you to tell me about your situation and what you would like to get from counselling. If we both agree that this is realistic and achievable, then we will arrange regular times to meet (usually once a week at the same time and place). In the session, often you will mostly talk and I will mostly listen, although my style tends to be interactive and am happy to give feedback, make suggestions and teach you certain skills – but ultimately it will be up to you to arrive at your own conclusions, decisions and choices, and I intend to support you with that.  Remember – the counselling session is only an hour long – what really matters is how you use your newly acquired insights in real situations outside of those sessions.

And the results?…

Clients often expect that the counselor will instantly make them feel better and provide solutions and answers. In reality, the therapeutic process takes time and can be extremely uplifting and comforting, but also challenging or even upsetting at times. You may sometimes leave the session feeling overwhelmed and emotional. This is completely normal and is simply a part of your new, growing awareness, which aims to eventually lead you to a place where you will no longer struggle with the same issues.